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Meet the Super Skunks!



Stinkers is the serious one of the bunch.  He loves books, learning, and exploring.  He likes routine and wants to teach all animals about kindness and treating others fairly. 


As the pseudo leader of the three he helps choose which places the Super Skunks are needed most; Safari is up next!  Don’t be fooled by his seriousness though as he is a big softy at heart and secretly loves to play pranks on the other two!



Smelly wants to live in a world filled with fun, adventure and lots of chocolate covered crickets!  She lives each day looking for ways to make the earth the best it can be and animals more aware of their surroundings.


As one third of the Super Skunks, her adventures so far have taken her to Space and the Sea.  She hopes one day to visit the Sahara, the Swamp and maybe even the Snow!



Stench is the silliest of the group.  He loves jokes, games and daring adventures.  He greets each person with a goofy smile and a hi-five.


While on Safari he hopes to meet new friends, learn new traditions and eat amazing food!  Stench is also very passionate about saving the environment and protecting those that need it.  He doesn't go anywhere without Stinkers, Smelly and now you!

The Super Skunks would love to be your pen pal!  Sign up below!

Super!  We are now pen pals!  Talk to you soon!

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