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Lights, Camera, Action

Read the book, check.  So honored to have read Sea Skunks to these guys!

Meeting fans and signing books!

book signing.JPG

The Skunks first adventure, see the trailer below!

A special thank you to Ms. Romer for reading Sea Skunks live on jammie night!

Coming soon!

Safari Skunks

Sea pic.png

Amazon customer

A great book for both parents and children.  We purchased two copies for our daughters, 4 and 2 years old. Both of them loved this book! In an age when most kids books are the same, this one truly stands out - it’s funny, has eye catching artwork, tells a great story and has a memorable cast of characters unlike any other kids book I’ve recently read. Enjoy the Space Skunk adventure!

Sea pic.png


My kids loved this book! The sequel was even better than the first.

Sea pic.png


Super fun book with a great message. We can’t wait for the next skunk book!

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